Sean Pawling "Rio Grande"


Ever wonder what a Herb Alpert and Shins record would sound like? Wonder no more! Sean Pawling just released such a fun, brassy tune, “Rio Grande.” It has groovy horns, a nice thump, and catchy vocals — a refreshing arrangement that is a pleasure to swing along to.

Similar artist: Herb Alpert Music: Sean Pawling

Mick Mullin "Nashville Man"


Mick Mullin tells it like it is in his latest release, “Nashville Man.” His voice is straightforward and honest in its assessment of his hometown. “It takes a Nashville man to sing a Nashville song” rings as a brilliant lyric alongside, “Whoever served you that beer wrote the best songs you’ll never hear.” Mick Mullin gets it.

Similar artist: John Prine Music: Mick Mullin


Esther Hazy "Apathy (The Social Justice Pacifist)"


Esther Hazy just released a melodically mellow tune, “Apathy (The Social Justice Pacifist)” and we dig it. The real magic comes when the song opens up three minutes in. It is a Bowie meets Bugg vocal and musical performance that really shows off what Esther Hazy has to offer.

Similar artist: Jake Bugg Music: Esther Hazy


Michael G. Moore "You Don't Even Try"


Michael G. Moore is a timeless songwriter. His latest release, “You Don’t Even Try,” is a wondrous tune that blooms into a melodic masterpiece. Using organic and electronic elements, the arrangement is catchy, smart, and rises and falls like a musical wave. Very nicely done.

Similar artist: Nilsson Music: Michael G. Moore