The Paz Band "Old Bag Of Sand"


The Paz Band will disrupt everything you thought you knew about contemporary music. With Gal De Paz at the vocal helm, this Tel-Aviv based bunch of rockers are among our favorite modern artists. “Old Bag Of Sand” reaches deep and pulls off a solid performance that you just don’t hear much of these days. It is a sonic joyride. Check out The Paz Band.

Similar artist: Willolux Music: The Paz Band


Vetle Forsell "Adventures"


Vetle Forsell is fantastic. An unrivaled talent with a voice that quivers and sways in a wonderfully peaceful way, Forsell should be on every indie playlist of worth. “Adventures” is a storybook song with hints of frolicking folk and classical music. A lovely listen worth your attention.

Similar artist: Art Garfunkel Music: Vetle Forsell

trdml "Cardio"


trdml exercises a unique approach to hip hop with their new tune, “Cardio.” The production is groovy, with elements of Cake-like brass, fizzy guitar licks, and catchy vocals. The beat is sure to get you bumping along. Enjoy the refreshing sound of trdml — these fellas are up to something cool.

Similar artist: Gorillaz Music: trdml


Tularosa "If You Love Me"


Just when all seems lost in the music business, you hear a song by a band who can actually play their instruments. Tularosa knows their craft, and will get you swaying along to their latest release, “If You Love Me” — a solid production and performance all around, filled with clever guitar licks, tasteful bass lines, solid drums, sweet keyboards, and strong vocals.

Similar artist: Black Crowes Music: Tularosa


Kimberly Townsend "The History and The Heart Of It"

kimberly townsend music.jpg

Kimberly Townsend shows off a unique gift for intimate songwriting with her latest release, “The History And The Heart Of It.” Based in NYC, Townsend might be compared to Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson, but she has a sweeping emotive voice all her own. Her full album is due out mid-January, so keep an ear out!

Similar artist: Sara Bareilles Music: Kimberly Townsend


Tokyo Lucky Hole "Weekend Leave"

While their lyrics may offend you, there is no denying Tokyo Luck Hole can write a catchy tune. Gritty, retro-infused, and rowdy, these boys can light a controversial flame. “Weekend Leave” is a lyrical beast of a song. The 2:45 mark will have you reaching for your leather jacket and pomade. Rad to the bone. Check them out.

Similar artist: Shannon and The Clams Music: Tokyo Lucky Hole