Brainard "The Beholder"


Brainard has a knack for folksy humor and rock and roll swagger. “The Beholder” is one of his tunes that will get you tapping and chuckling along. Woody acoustic, twangy electric, and a thumping groove will keep you in the pocket with Brainard — your new favorite troubadour.

Similar artist: Arlo Guthtrie Music: Brainard


Galen Crew "Deeper Waters"

Galen Crew.jpg

Galen Crew takes listeners to another dimension with his mesmerizing new release, “Deeper Waters.” The tune has a smooth and shadowy production that is hard not to get lost in. Galen Crew is big in China, but we expect he is on his way to finding himself on plenty of US playlists in the very near future.

Similar artist: Frith Music: Galen Crew


Petrov, the Hero "Junction Dilettante"

petrov the hero.jpg

Petrov, the Hero keeps it cool and groovy with “Junction Dilettante.” The tune is laid back and pleases the ears in a Tom Petty meets Dawes kind of way. Peaceful and breezy all the way through, “Junction Dilettante” is a solid tune from the debut EP Petrov, the Hero.

Similar artist: Dawes Music: Petrov, the Hero


Lazy Genius "No Worries"

lazy genius.jpg

Lazy Genius gets you grooving with “No Worries.” It is trippy and fun listening, with a laid back psychedelic vibe. The production is ethereal and ear catching, with a kaleidoscope of sonic colors swirling around. The second single off their latest release, “No Worries” will chill you out.

Similar artist: Dungen Music: Lazy Genius


Lucille Furs "Another Land"

lucille furs.jpg

With all the mysticism of The Zombies and late-sixties swagger, Lucille Furs will have you lighting incense and popping peppermints. Their sound paints a sonic picture that is hard to match. If you dig a little psychedelia, this group is going to tickle your trippy bone.

Similar Artist: Dungen Music: Lucille Furs