Cloudlines "On Somebody"


Cloudlines write bouncy indie pop to bop your head to. The Portland duo will have you hooked with their latest release, “On Somebody” — a cleverly produced ditty with glitched-out effects and pulsing synths. The song swirls like your head after relationship disaster.

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Secret American "I Wanna Know"


All hail, Secret American. This crafty group of indie-pop rockers know how to write a catchy song. “I Wanna Know” pulls a lot of rabbits out the hat, heavily influenced from great songs of the past. The 2:00 mark reveals a brilliant Odessey and Oracle meets the Monkees vocal treat. Love it.

Similar artists: Dr. Dog

Pekoe Cat "Door Knockers"


Fuzz guitars, bright 12 strings, and a crispy snare drum: “Door Knockers” by Pekoe Cat is cool. The synths, thumping bass, and effect-laced vocals have a Kevin Parker vibe, but the intro is really what has us tuned in. The open acoustic chords and Mellotron are great. Would love to hear more.

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