Native Harrow "Something You Have"


Native Harrow is one of our new favorite artists. Devin Tuel’s voice recalls a time when music came from the soul. Backed by a thumpy rythym section and swirling Hammond organ, “Something You Have” is like a musical time capsule that is ready to be heard by the world. A solid spin, indeed.

Similar artist: CSNY Music: Native Harrow


Sean Pawling "Rio Grande"


Ever wonder what a Herb Alpert and Shins record would sound like? Wonder no more! Sean Pawling just released such a fun, brassy tune, “Rio Grande.” It has groovy horns, a nice thump, and catchy vocals — a refreshing arrangement that is a pleasure to swing along to.

Similar artist: Herb Alpert Music: Sean Pawling

Esther Hazy "Apathy (The Social Justice Pacifist)"


Esther Hazy just released a melodically mellow tune, “Apathy (The Social Justice Pacifist)” and we dig it. The real magic comes when the song opens up three minutes in. It is a Bowie meets Bugg vocal and musical performance that really shows off what Esther Hazy has to offer.

Similar artist: Jake Bugg Music: Esther Hazy


Michael G. Moore "You Don't Even Try"


Michael G. Moore is a timeless songwriter. His latest release, “You Don’t Even Try,” is a wondrous tune that blooms into a melodic masterpiece. Using organic and electronic elements, the arrangement is catchy, smart, and rises and falls like a musical wave. Very nicely done.

Similar artist: Nilsson Music: Michael G. Moore


The Paz Band "Old Bag Of Sand"


The Paz Band will disrupt everything you thought you knew about contemporary music. With Gal De Paz at the vocal helm, this Tel-Aviv based bunch of rockers are among our favorite modern artists. “Old Bag Of Sand” reaches deep and pulls off a solid performance that you just don’t hear much of these days. It is a sonic joyride. Check out The Paz Band.

Similar artist: Willolux Music: The Paz Band


Tularosa "If You Love Me"


Just when all seems lost in the music business, you hear a song by a band who can actually play their instruments. Tularosa knows their craft, and will get you swaying along to their latest release, “If You Love Me” — a solid production and performance all around, filled with clever guitar licks, tasteful bass lines, solid drums, sweet keyboards, and strong vocals.

Similar artist: Black Crowes Music: Tularosa


Tokyo Lucky Hole "Weekend Leave"

While their lyrics may offend you, there is no denying Tokyo Luck Hole can write a catchy tune. Gritty, retro-infused, and rowdy, these boys can light a controversial flame. “Weekend Leave” is a lyrical beast of a song. The 2:45 mark will have you reaching for your leather jacket and pomade. Rad to the bone. Check them out.

Similar artist: Shannon and The Clams Music: Tokyo Lucky Hole

Brainard "The Beholder"


Brainard has a knack for folksy humor and rock and roll swagger. “The Beholder” is one of his tunes that will get you tapping and chuckling along. Woody acoustic, twangy electric, and a thumping groove will keep you in the pocket with Brainard — your new favorite troubadour.

Similar artist: Arlo Guthtrie Music: Brainard


Galen Crew "Deeper Waters"

Galen Crew.jpg

Galen Crew takes listeners to another dimension with his mesmerizing new release, “Deeper Waters.” The tune has a smooth and shadowy production that is hard not to get lost in. Galen Crew is big in China, but we expect he is on his way to finding himself on plenty of US playlists in the very near future.

Similar artist: Frith Music: Galen Crew


Petrov, the Hero "Junction Dilettante"

petrov the hero.jpg

Petrov, the Hero keeps it cool and groovy with “Junction Dilettante.” The tune is laid back and pleases the ears in a Tom Petty meets Dawes kind of way. Peaceful and breezy all the way through, “Junction Dilettante” is a solid tune from the debut EP Petrov, the Hero.

Similar artist: Dawes Music: Petrov, the Hero


Lazy Genius "No Worries"

lazy genius.jpg

Lazy Genius gets you grooving with “No Worries.” It is trippy and fun listening, with a laid back psychedelic vibe. The production is ethereal and ear catching, with a kaleidoscope of sonic colors swirling around. The second single off their latest release, “No Worries” will chill you out.

Similar artist: Dungen Music: Lazy Genius


Lucille Furs "Another Land"

lucille furs.jpg

With all the mysticism of The Zombies and late-sixties swagger, Lucille Furs will have you lighting incense and popping peppermints. Their sound paints a sonic picture that is hard to match. If you dig a little psychedelia, this group is going to tickle your trippy bone.

Similar Artist: Dungen Music: Lucille Furs

All Types Of Kinds "Lucky Ones"


All Types Of Kinds remind the ears that beautiful music can be made with the human voice. Their harmonies are perfectly pure — not hiding behind effects — and join as one pleasing voice. The 3:45 mark is exceptional and shows us what these fellas can pull off.

Similar artist: Blind Pilot Music: All Types Of Kinds

Secret American "I Wanna Know"


All hail, Secret American. This crafty group of indie-pop rockers know how to write a catchy song. “I Wanna Know” pulls a lot of rabbits out the hat, heavily influenced from great songs of the past. The 2:00 mark reveals a brilliant Odessey and Oracle meets the Monkees vocal treat. Love it.

Similar artists: Dr. Dog

Pekoe Cat "Door Knockers"


Fuzz guitars, bright 12 strings, and a crispy snare drum: “Door Knockers” by Pekoe Cat is cool. The synths, thumping bass, and effect-laced vocals have a Kevin Parker vibe, but the intro is really what has us tuned in. The open acoustic chords and Mellotron are great. Would love to hear more.

Similar artist: Tame Impala