Native Harrow "Something You Have"


Native Harrow is one of our new favorite artists. Devin Tuel’s voice recalls a time when music came from the soul. Backed by a thumpy rythym section and swirling Hammond organ, “Something You Have” is like a musical time capsule that is ready to be heard by the world. A solid spin, indeed.

Similar artist: CSNY Music: Native Harrow


Vetle Forsell "Adventures"


Vetle Forsell is fantastic. An unrivaled talent with a voice that quivers and sways in a wonderfully peaceful way, Forsell should be on every indie playlist of worth. “Adventures” is a storybook song with hints of frolicking folk and classical music. A lovely listen worth your attention.

Similar artist: Art Garfunkel Music: Vetle Forsell

Brainard "The Beholder"


Brainard has a knack for folksy humor and rock and roll swagger. “The Beholder” is one of his tunes that will get you tapping and chuckling along. Woody acoustic, twangy electric, and a thumping groove will keep you in the pocket with Brainard — your new favorite troubadour.

Similar artist: Arlo Guthtrie Music: Brainard